Not all installations are equal

We recently quoted to upgrade a home alarm system that was supplied as part of a new home build. The customer informed me that they had had multiple visits after moving in as there were “issues” with the alarm. We showed them the Bosch 6000, with it’s MyAlarm app (incl sms and email notifications), and they decided to replace/upgrade their home alarm system.

Having done a bit of contract installations and repairs we have seen a range of workmanship but NEVER anything like this before.

Please see the attached photo of the inside of the alarm panel ( note: this is exactly as we found it when we started the upgrade).

Needless to say we completely upgraded the system and received the following from the client today : “I trust you are well and thank you again for installing the security system for us.  Very happy with your professionalism, experience and the work you have done for us”

So to all those who believe all installations are equal please reconsider. If you would like a quote, even just for comparison purposes, please don’t hesitate to contact us and remember:

We install home alarm systems/security systems, security camera/CCTV systems, residential and apartment intercoms as well as access control systems.

Home Alarm System Sunshine Coast
Home Alarm System Sunshine Coast