Intercoms with Smartphone Connectivity

As the age of the typical Sunshine Coast home increases many appliances and other devices, installed at the time of construction, start to fail. In addition, the closer you live to the ocean, the quicker the cheaper brands fail as they have little or no corrosion protection.

Recently we upgraded a few residential intercoms and we were asked about the option for Smartphone connectivity.

A company called Ring pioneered this idea with their DIY battery operated intercom that had wifi connectivity and Smartphone connectivity. Having seen, tested, and even replaced this type of intercom there are a few points the brochure does not highlight and although I could list them all this product review probably sums it up best:

The only other points I would like to make about intercoms with Smartphone connectivity is:

  • From the time a doorbell is pressed, it rings, and assuming you answer within a few seconds, the average time before you visitor can hear you typically range from 20-30 seconds.
  • Although some offer an optional indoor chime it only alerts you to the fact that someone is as the door (you cannot see or talk to them without getting your phone)
  • If battery powered the quoted battery life of approx 6 months is grossly exaggerated and the feedback I have received is approx 1-2 months at best

There are 3 different/major brands of intercoms that we offer with Smartphone connectivity (Hikvision, Dahua & Aiphone).

Having tried and tested all 3 the time lag is appears to be similar with all intercoms that have Smartphone connectivity. It is usually slightly quicker when you phone is at home, and connected via wifi to the same modem but, when on 3/4g the typical delay from ring to answer, to two-way communication is 20-30 seconds (and that assumes you answer the phone almost immediately). We can only attribute it to the ADSL/NBN speed via the cloud to your phone.

If anyone tells you differently make them prove it on a no-cure-no pay situation. You can even ask them to demo it before the installation to prove its performance (just remember to turn your wifi off on your phone during the test)

So I guess the ultimate question is “are they worthwhile?”……

If you are expecting a courier driver to wait until you answer forget it!

If you want to have this feature, and your visitors are patient, then maybe.

If you want to be able to remotely open/close your gate/s then yes (assuming the type you install has this feature – not all do)

I hope this has given you some food for thought and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in the market for a residential, commercial or apartment intercom on the Sunshine Coast or surrounding areas (including North Brisbane, North Lakes, Redcliffe, Margate, Scarborough, Caboolture, Bribie Island, etc)

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Intercom Sunshine Coast
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