What You Need to Know About Security Cameras

On the Sunshine Coast, security cameras have a lot of different applications. They are used to be a mainstay for large or small businesses and in domestic/residential market. They help monitor the everyday operations and record events that have take place for later review. These devices work as a deterrent and to prevent theft. They are on 24/7 to ensure total piece of mind.

Most people tend to think of security cameras as a way to keep an eye on employees or to record criminal activities but they have many other uses as well. Now that the technology is becoming more accessible, these security cameras are very popular in residential settings. It adds an extra layer of protection for homeowners. They can be installed outdoors to ensure that there are no trespassers on the property. If used indoors, it helps people monitor what’s always happening in the home.

As an example security cameras can be used to monitor children leaving for school and returning. Security cameras can monitor pets. We have even installed security cameras to help look after elderly family members who live alone. Other uses include checking on your home when travelling or ensuring you house/pet sitter visits daily as agreed. They can also be used to easier the total number of visitors in your holiday rental matches the reservation.

What type do you need?

CCTV cameras come in a variety of designs. The most common are:

Dome – Traditionally these are one of the most common types of indoor CCTV. The shape makes it harder for people to see where the lens is pointing. All models will have a blind spot, which can be used to hide unwanted activity. This design makes it hard for onlookers to determine weak monitoring points. Since the camera is inside a protective, tinted case, it’s harder for people to vandalise. However the dome camera has a few disadvantages and the main one is outdoor night time recording. Dust tends to build up on the dome resulting in “flaring” which reduces picture quality at night.

Bullet – This type of CCTV is mostly used outdoors. They’re cylindrical and fitted with a long-range lens. This makes it ideal for capturing large areas. Some have an additional protective case that extends beyond the device so they can withstand even the harshest climates. They also tend to have a better infrared for night time recording. Most models produce high-resolution video, which is necessary for wide range monitoring but the biggest negative with the bullet camera is that it is easy to vandalise (it’s like a tree branch waiting to be snapped off)

PTZ – PTZ stands for pan, tilt and zoom. This is the best option for live surveillance. It allows the user to control the movement and capturing mode of the camera. They have more functionalities than regular cameras, as the lens is not stationary. Most models nowadays record in high definition and you can turn and zoom as required. Some even have a smart tracking feature that enables the user to easily monitor an area without installing multiple CCTV cameras. Although PTZ cameras are useful we only tend to install them in situations where an operator is present 24/7. For the same overall cost you can get multiple fixed cameras ensuring your property is always protected.

Turret – These are by far our favourite type of camera and we often refer to them as a “swimming, flying, bicycle”! They are small and similar in size to a dome camera. They are robust and vandal resistant. Turret cameras tend to have a separate lens and the IR and this ensures maximum performance with minimal cleaning/maintenance. Most turret cameras are also completely sealed thus ensuring a long operating life as water and dust cannot penetrate the internals.

Day/Night – Most CCTV varieties need to be fitted with an infrared illuminator (IR) to give them night-capturing capabilities. The Day/Night camera can easily capture videos in the dark without additional components, as they’re built with very sensitive imaging chips. They are widely used outdoors, as they can easily adapt to any lighting situation. In addition modern cameras have the ability to adjust the IR output to obtain the best picture at night.

Specialised cameras – In addition to the traditional cameras listed above we also have a range of specialized cameras for various applications. There are people counting, light fighters, dark fighters and even 360 degree cameras to mention a few.

If you are in the market for a CCTV system, please consider getting a quote for your security cameras on the Sunshine Coast (or surrounding areas), from A-OK Security!

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