Is your Bosch/Solution Code/Keypad Beeping at you?

Is your Bosch/Solution Code/Keypad Beeping at you?


Alarm systems self-monitor and will normally advise you of a fault via the keypad (but sometimes via the siren).

For Bosch Keypads without a text display the following should help

To stop the beeping you will need to acknowledge the fault.

Most Bosch panel faults can be acknowledged by pressing the # key on the keypad (or arming and disarming the system).  The fault is also normally featured on the keypad by the word “Fault” or a triangle shape with an exclamation mark.

If don’t want to look up a user manual try the following:-

Press and hold the “5” key until two beeps are heard.
A number (or numbers) will now appear. Refer to the following table

1: System Fault: Then press 1 to find out which system fault:

  • 1: Low Battery

  • 2: Date & Time

  • 3: RF Receiver Jamming/Tamper Switch/Communications Fail

  • 4: Warning Device (output 1-2 fail)

  • 5: Telephone Line Fail

  • 6: N/A

  • 7: Power Supply Fail

  • 8: On Board Tamper

2: RF Device Low Battery: Then press 2 to identify which zone/device

3: Zone Tamper Alarm: Then press 3 to identify which zone/device

4: Sensor Watch Failure: Then press 4 to identify which sensor

5: RF Sensor Missing: Then press 5 to identify which senor

6: Communications Failure: Then press 6 to find out details of the failure

  • 1: Receiver 1

  • 2: Receiver 2

  • 3: IP Module 1

  • 4: IP Module 2

7: Output & Codepad Failure: Then press 7 to find out details

  • 2: Output expander

  • 3-6: Codepad

8: Keyfob Low Battery: Then press 8 to identify the keyfob.​

When in doubt….. call your local Security Company!

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