Alarm System with full app control
Alarm systems Sunshine Coast
Alarm systems
Sunshine Coast

Looking for a business or home alarm that allows full control via an app? Look no further the Bosch 6000 coupled with the Myalarm modem/module.

Not only does it offer full control you can also review your zone status as well as control outputs & doors. Have you ever driven away only to return a few minutes later to make sure you turned the alarm on? With the Bosch 6000 and MyAlarm app it is no problem…just your phone to check the alarm status.

In addition it allow you to review history so you can also see what t happened and when plus who arms/disarmed the system (and when)…this is especially good for business owners as they can see when the system was armed and disarmed. No more working about what time staff arrived or left you can see it all using the app!

Notification can be customised so you can opt for the app to let you know every time the system is turned on (or off) as well if it goes into alarm. You can also opt for sms and email alerts to compliment the app. This is especially useful as it ensures that you always get an app notification PLUS and email PLUS a sms if the alarm is triggered.

Want additional reassurance and security? Add the Myalarm Sim module and the system is COMPLETELY independent from and phone lines/NBN etc. It uses it’s own Myalarm sim card so it is independent from the premises NBN/phone line. In addition, if you have a power failure, it has its own backup battery so it can let you know there is an issue.

So if you are looking for a business alarm, or home alarm, look no further. Contact us today!

Alarm systems Sunshine Coast
Alarm Systems
Sunshine Coast

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