A-OK Security gets awarded Hikvision Platinum Value Added Solution Partner again (for 2020)

Almost daily we get approached by manufactures, suppliers and distributors asking us to use and sell their security systems. On occasion we have been forced to use other brands but 99% of the time our goto CCTV system is Hikvision. Yes it is Chinese but as a small, service orientated, company we cannot afford to supply unreliable equipment. Yes other systems may cost less but, as yet, we are yet to find a more reliable system. In addition in almost every installation the clients are impress with the image quality, the night time performance, and finally the ease of use. Hikvision has really invested in the user interface and, in our opinion, some other of their competitors are 5 years behind!

CCTV Cameras Sunshine Coast
CCTV Cameras Sunshine Coast – Hikvision