Trying to make sense of the different CCTV options and technologies

People are often confused when comparing CCTV quotes as there are different technologies and options available.

In short we believe you should trust the security company you are dealing with.   After meeting with you to do a site inspection, reviewing your requirements, and discussing options, they should offer a solution that meets your needs.   One package DOES NOT fit all so, if you have doubts, then please contact us or consider the following:-

Although digital (IP) cameras are considered the “best” recent advances in analogue technology has changed the CCTV market.

Video resolution is the key! 2-3 years ago….
– An analogue camera typically had a resolution of 720P (1/2HD) or 2.1MP (Full HD)
– And an IP camera had 2 or 3MP.
Now a typical IP camera will have 4 or 5MP and a typical analogue camera will have 3MP.


99% of people will say yes without hesitation (but also without considering the cost factor).
eg: Is a Ferrari always better than a Mercedes/Toyota/Hyundai/Great Wall, etc?
Is the iPhone 10 better than the 6 or 5?
Not only does higher resolution cost more, it also requires more processing power and larger hard drives to store the video files (which in turn also costs more).
So what are you paying for…..ultimately video resolution.


We recommend 3MP for homes and 4 or 5MP for businesses (even higher resolutions for high risk situations)

If you are trying to compare quotes start by comparing the video resolutions (eg 2, 3, 4 or 5MP).  Then consider the hard drive capacity (1TB, 2TB, 3TB, etc) and finally the technology (AHD, TVI, IP). Also check to see if the company is including a monitor for the NVR (this is a must and is often overlooked).

Please remember the above is an opinion for your to consider.
We could just as easily argue saying….
A 1.3MP DIY system is the best (which it probably is if you want to spend less than $ 1000)
A 6MP IP system is best (which it probably is if you want to spend WAY more than your neighbour!)

There are also other important factors to consider
What style is the camera (bullet, turrett, dome, etc)?
Who is the manufacturer?
Who is the local distributor?
What is the IR (infrared) range?
What is the IP (ingress protection) rating?
What is the case material/construction?
What is the warranty?

The security company you are dealing with should be able to answer these questions.

In addition, when considering any security system, we strongly recommend you ask the company quoting for:-
A) Their QLD Security Firm Licence
B) Their installers Security & Cablers licence numbers


PS: The above is only our opinion and is “typical” for fixed focus cameras.   When comparing Varifocal, PTZ or other specialised cameras the criteria for comparison is very different.

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