The Role of Security Cameras During Holiday Season

The holiday season brings so much fanfare and festivity everywhere you look (as well as crowds and chaos!).
Department stores, malls, boutiques and other shops are decked to the nines with beautiful and extravagant displays. From the ever-famous Santa Claus and his reindeer to polar bears and penguins and many others, you’re sure to find engaging exhibits with every turn.

Since the holiday season is in full bloom and with Christmas well on its way, numerous establishments have been finding ways to creatively showcase their offerings. Whilst some choose to simply drape clothes on mannequins most retailers go all out with extra stock in aisles and some even have items outside their entrances. All this helps criminals as crowds and limited spaces are difficult to navigate and difficult to police.

Crime Statistics during the Holidays

A quick check on Google will confirm that Christmas is a time where business theft increases. Historic Government Crime Statistics and Research back up what we all know and what the news reports tells us. As a matter of fact there is also an increase in property offences during this period usually reaching its peak during Christmas Eve. Shoplifting at stores and even breaking and entering homes are all not above offenders.
Small high value items are usually targeted as they are easy to conceal. Electronic gadgets and devices and toys are popular but nothing is off limited with tools, razor blades, food items and even baby formula targets. Often, these items are stolen because they can be resold and because these items can easily be hidden in pockets, bags, strollers, etc.

Thinking beyond Appearances

Perhaps the reason people steal items from these stores is that they have the innate need to impress their peers. After all, it is during the holidays where a lot of get-togethers are held. Staff may steal as they know they are less likely to be caught as shop owners know there will be losses over Christmas. Other individuals, or organised groups, simply want to take advantage of the system. With more staff being overworked and crowds of shoppers in-store, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of those who are genuine shoppers versus those who intend to steal from your business.

Tightening Security Measures

Because of this, establishments have to strengthen their security over the holiday season. Short terms solutions are extra staff and security. Whilst this can deter potential criminals, they cannot keep an eye on everything, all of the time.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by installing security cameras on Sunshine Coast business premises. CCTV Systems/Security cameras offer long term benefits with a decent ROI. And with improving camera resolutions and competitive pricing the ROI have improved over the recent years. Equipped with modern, high resolution, security cameras will help deter and capture offenders who commit these crimes. Modern security cameras can record high resolution video that can help identify the criminals and their accomplices.

Security cameras also offer other benefits as they record and store events so they may be able to assist in workers compensation claims, violence, sexual harassment, or to help prove innocence/intent or liability.

Partnered with excellent customer service, good managers, and constant vigilance your business can finally get the extra level of defense it deserves when you install security cameras on Sunshine Coast premises.

For and obligation free quote for a new installation or and upgrade please contact A-OK today and help improve productivity, reduce theft, and protect your patrons, business and yourself.