Home Alarm Systems and Business Alarm Systems offer a level of protection while owners are offsite but also when they are onsite.

We thought we would add some information and common misconceptions about alarm/security systems to start our new blog:

One of the biggest myths about alarm systems is that they are complicated to use, give false alarms, and are expensive!

This might have been true a few years ago but, as technology advances, they have become far more user friendly, far more reliable, and have reduced in price. Installation and programming used to be quite complicated so this added significantly to the overall cost. Back to base monitoring fees also added significantly to the overall ongoing cost as did the cost of a dedicated phone line. New 3/4G modems (commonly know as GPRS units) have done away with the need for a dedicated phone line reducing ongoing costs.

Home security systems would not work in homes with large animals

A lot of people are under the impression that you cannot not have “inside pets” and have an alarm system. Bosch has a range of pet friendly detectors for animals up to 45kg. This allows us to strategically position detectors to ensure pets living inside are not detected but intruders are!

When you install a home alarm system you need to hardwire sensors to the entire building:

In the last few years the concept of home alarm systems has received a revolutionary makeover thanks to wireless technology. Bosch Wireless sensors (eg: movement detectors and reed switches) offer a 5 year battery life and allow far more flexibility for installers. In addition the sensors have built in tamper switches and the radio signals are coded ensuring security and reliability.

Homes or businesses with an alarm system are not any safer than ones without it:

Convicted thieves have proven time and time again that this is a myth. Homes or businesses that have a security system are always much more secure than ones that do not do so. A lot of thieves have confessed that they are always on the lookout for premises where security systems have not been installed and the reason for this is quite simple:- If you don’t have, or don’t use, your alarm system they can break in undetected, spend as much (or little) time inside as they like, and then leave undetected.

Home alarm systems are not needed in safe neighbourhoods:

Sadly the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas are changing. A professional installed security system will not only protect your family, home, business or belongings it could also reduce your insurance premiums. As crime increases we suggest you are proactive rather than reactive. If your home or business is broken into the out of pocket cost, even if you are insured, typically far exceed the cost of an alarm system.

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Bosch 3000 & 6000 Keypads
Bosch 3000 & 6000 Keypads

Bosch alarms are extremely versatile, offer a wide range of wired and wireless sensors, and are very affordable so please contact us if you would like an obligation free quote.