Dodgy Installations

Not all installations are equal (and not all equipment is equal!).

Today I had to revisit a large site and troubleshoot another faulty CCTV camera! The original installation was done by a large company and every time I attend site I am surprise (and disappointed) with what I find. I can only surmise that the installer/s were inexperienced, in a rush, or did not give a…….!

The 1st photo shows how they decided to connect a camera in an external environment!

Needless so say I have no idea why they chose to do it this way as the cable had enough length to reach the camera (so it could could have been plugged directly into the camera and protected by a waterproof cover supplied with the camera).

FYI: The second photo (with text) was part of my report from a previous visit and also shows a dodgy installation.

As a small operator I cannot afford to compromise on an installation and neither can I afford to use new, untested, equipment.

To all the installers who take shortcuts….thank you….I appreciate the ongoing business.

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