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Is your Bosch/Solution Code/Keypad Beeping at you?

GOT AN ANNOYING BEEP COMING FROM YOUR ALARM CODE/KEYPAD? Alarm systems self-monitor and will normally advise you of a fault via the keypad (but sometimes via the siren). ​For Bosch Keypads without a text display the following should help To stop the beeping you will need to acknowledge the fault. Most Bosch panel faults can be … Continue reading Is your Bosch/Solution Code/Keypad Beeping at you?

I thought this was interesting:


All the major camera manufacturers in the world have suffered from the exposure of exploitable coding flaws in firmware as they have been examined more and more closely by cybersecurity experts. Yet despite the industry-wide cybersecurity challenges, no other company faces the same level of scrutiny as that directed at the world’s largest surveillance manufacturer, Hikvision.

When investigating the media claims through the “US Dept of Homeland Security’s register of Common Vulnerabilities & Exposure” it was found that there is only one potential issue out of all reported issues on IP CCTV Cameras that relates to Hikvision. We encourage you visit this link to see all the reported vulnerabilities of all manufacturers to draw your own conclusions on which products are “CyberSafe”

Further in response to the ONE camera vulnerability allegation earlier this year, Hikvision Oceania’s managing director, Daniel Huang said, a security researcher found a firmware vulnerability and reported it to Hikvision the next day. “Only 6 days later, we released patched firmware and notified our integrator partners via special bulletin and the public via notices on our website,” Huang said. “All this happened before the vulnerability was disclosed to the public.”

Above article was care of a local authorized Hikvision distributor.

New 5mp IP Camera

Hikvision is phasing out their 4MP IP cameras and replacing them with 5MP. We installed their new 2.8mm Turret today so thought we would add a photo. The IR remains unchanged at 30m. We suppose the biggest advantage of this change is that the 5MP is being sold at a similar price to the 4MP!

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