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Alarm Beeping


Alarm systems self-monitor and will normally advise you of a fault via the keypad (but sometimes via the siren).For Bosch Keypads without a text display (eg 3000) the following should help

To stop the beeping you will need to acknowledge the fault.

Most Bosch panel faults can be acknowledged by pressing the # key on the keypad (or arming and disarming the system). The fault is also normally featured on the keypad by the word “Fault” or a triangle shape with an exclamation mark.

If don’t want to look up a user manual try the following:-

Press and hold the “5” key until two beeps are heard.
A number (or numbers) will now appear. Refer to the following table

1: System Fault: Then press 1 to find out which system fault:

  • Low Battery
  • Date & Time
  • RF Receiver Jamming/Tamper Switch/Communications Fail
  • Warning Device (output 1-2 fail)
  • Telephone Line Fail
  • N/A
  • Power Supply Fail
  • On Board Tamper

2: RF Device Low Battery: Then press 2 to identify which zone/device

3: Zone Tamper Alarm: Then press 3 to identify which zone/device

4: Sensor Watch Failure: Then press 4 to identify which sensor

5: RF Sensor Missing: Then press 5 to identify which senor

6: Communications Failure: Then press 6 to find out details of the failure

  • Receiver 1
  • Receiver 2
  • IP Module 1
  • IP Module 2

7: Output & Codepad Failure: Then press 7 to find out details

  • Output expander
  • Codepad

8: Keyfob Low Battery: Then press 8 to identify the keyfob.

For Bosch Keypads with a text display (eg 6000) the following should help:-
The screen should say “System trouble, press OK”
To stop the beeping you will need to acknowledge the fault by pressing OK (and in some cases Menu)
Next press the down arrow and it will display the fault
If the above does not work try reading the user manual.99% percent of the time it is a system fault with a low battery, date and time, or AC failure.

  • If it is a low battery I can replace it for you.
  • If it is the date and time this typically occurs after an extended power outage combined with a low/flat battery. FYI Most alarm batteries don’t recover after being left flat for and extend period of time, or if you are lucky take a few days to recover. Therefore you will most probably need a new battery.
  • And if it is AC failure please make sure somebody has not turned off the transformer!

When all else fails please give us a call to arrange a service (or contact you local security company)

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